Accelerate Digital Evolution

We apply science and technology to unleash people's talent through live collaborative learning at scale

Trainings no longer have to be boring, ineffective, or expensive.

We combine the science of cooperation with artificial intelligence so you can offer effective online training at scale and develop a collaborative culture where people feel included.

"Learning by Doing"

Egg’s methodology is 80% practical, ensuring a greater application of knowledge.

Aumentamos tu interes

Strengthen the team synergy

Courses are designed to encourage cooperation and develop soft skills.

Discover Your Inner Talent

Egg identifies and distributes the best talent in your organization to maximize its impact.

Mejoramos el Aprendizaje

Upskilling that works


  • Learning in small groups

  • Live and asynchronous meetings

  • Graduation rate higher than 65%

  • Learning by doing

  • Identify and promote cooperative talent

Self Paced

  • Solo learning

  • Only asynchronous, doesn't build habits

  • Graduation rate under 10%

  • Concepts that are not applied

  • Identify individual talent

How Does Egg's System Work?

All types of training

Custom Content

  • Do you have specific content or dynamics?

  • At Egg, we take your idea and adapt it or co-create it according to our cooperative methodology.

  • Your vision, combined with our experience, will result in unique and highly effective trainings.

  • Exclusive service for groups of more than 300 people.

Off the shelf content

We present a wide range of courses focused on essential skills for the workplace.

  • AI for Productivity

  • Time management and commitment

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Web Development Career

  • Quality Assurance Testing Career

  • Data Science Career

Platform Demo

Success Stories

Executive Training for Banco Santander

Allows a better understanding of clients’ business needs and promotes best practices for building lasting relationships.

Code your Future for Globant

We trained over 1,500 people in co-created careers of full-stack web programming and test automation engineering with an 80% graduation rate.

Best Practices for Mercado Libre

We helped Mercado Libre developers improve their performance by sharing best practices for complex challenges.

Web Development for Universidad de la Punta

We trained university students in web development to give them the tools they need in the job market.

Full Stack Web Development Graduates from Argentina

Over 5,000 people have received their full-stack web programming certification through national and provincial governments.

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